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G-d Rewards the Brave is a collection of hand curated Crystal Grids, intended to cultivate abundance, love, protection, serenity, or house blessings into your life.


Crystal Grids make the perfect gift, or can be purchased in supplement of any Home Attunement service to enhance your energetic field.

Crystal Grid examples below. Customized Crystal Grids upon request.

I was drawn to crystals because they made me feel good and my obsession with them fueled my creativity to bring them to other people in this way. 

I offer 1:1 client sessions to explore and discover what your specific needs are. This is a very intuitive and joyful process, that allows me to curate and place crystals and objects to support you in your journey right now. Clients deeply feel the transformative energy crystals bring.


I would be honored to schedule a Crystal Healing consultation with you, and support you in living in your highest and best.


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