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Luxurious Bedroom


Home Attunement is a Los Angeles based Lifestyle Concierge, that uses the power of organization, energy shifting in space and Crystals to implement a high vibrational life. Founder of Home Attunement, Ashley Groussman discovered the energetics of space at the age of 6 while reorganizing her room and moving furniture around. She instantly felt a deep energetic shift of ease, flow and joy both internally and externally that ignited a fiery passion within her. This initiated her life's purpose to bring clarity, peace and inspiration to as many lives as possible through reorganizing space. Along with this, Ashley has an extensive background in retail, wardrobe styling, personal shopping, and visual merchandising. Above all, her most important role to date is being a mother to her 2 children. Being a single working mother,  keeping life in order is an absolute must. 



On my own journey to loving myself I discovered the incredible powers of crystals. Every crystal type has a different purpose.  I was deeply attracted to Amethyst for its' healing properties for the body, mind and soul.  I have been collecting all forms of crystals for several years. Each crystal magnifies it’s own properties and radiate positive, energizing and calming vibrations. My personal space is adorned with these natural energy shifters.  

G-D Rewards the Brave came through me while I was sitting on the floor one day playing with different crystals. I intuitively started putting different grids together and realized how powerful a crystal grid was in encompassing all that you desire, need and want. G-D Rewards the Brave Crystal Grids are one of a kind crystal grids made by me with intention for you.  Whether you are in need of love, abundance, healing, calm, fertility, self-love, etc.,  I create a grid to empower your intention. I am passionate about placing crystals, or creating crystal grids for your special space. 

Home Attunement is a combination of both of my life’s passion.  I get to organize a person’s space, and add crystals to empower what their intention is.  Bringing order to chaotic situations fuels each and every project I take on.  My passion has always stemmed from creativity. Whether it’s organizing a home, decorating a room, creating art, merchandising a store window on Madison Avenue, or placing objects in a beautiful way, I have always had a magic touch that's guided me. Professionally, I have been an organizer for over 20 years. Personally, I have always loved crystals and am blessed to experience their healing powers daily.  Experiencing the unfolding of combining my love of both organizing and crystals has been a dream come true.  

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