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Home Attunement by Ashley Groussman Arnold


The home is a sacred place, a place where we can rest, recharge, find safety and even inspiration. The home is a reflection of the Self, and when our space is out of alignment, cluttered, chaotic or simply just doesn't feel like "you," this can often lead to a feeling of unease within us  and translate into other areas of our lives.

Home Attunement combines the two modalities of organization and strategic crystal placement to bring peace, tranquility, healing or clarity into your life and home. 

Healing Crystal Grids Ashley Groussman Los Angeles
Professional Organizer Los Angeles
Professional Organizer Ashley Groussman Arnold Los Angeles

In nature everything has a natural place of order.  In our modern life it is so important to have our space feel clean, clear and positive. My job is to bring this positive energy into your sanctuary.  


As many of us are working from home these days, we no longer have our work environment separated from personal or family life, which can create stress, anxiety, chaos and overwhelm.


Creating different spaces and boundaries within your home, and placing specific healing crystals to these areas, allows ease and flow into your day to day reality, and supports you to live a life in your highest and best.


Crystal Grids Ashley Grousman Organizer

Are you overwhelmed by clutter in your life?  Hard to separate work and relaxing time?  Need a multipurpose space?  What do we need to set up so you have stations that are organic to your natural habitat and how you want to live your life.  

I go into your space, ask questions, what your needs are so you can feel more at ease and productive in your home.  

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